Learning about games – Contextual Report

Ideation and concept

The concept behind the digital artefact was the idea that I was surrounded by many people who played video games, and I enjoyed media that also surround them, but I didn’t play them much myself. The digital artefact was also inspired by the concept of video game literacy and what that means in relation to playing games for the first time ever.

Methodology and Background research

The methodology that I used to complete this project was that I got together a group of friends who were willing to watch me play some of the popular video games that they had and discuss the games and their impact on gaming culture. Over 2 days we played six different games for around an hour each. While we were playing, I set up my laptop in front of us and voice recorded the whole thing, so that I could better recall what we talked about when I went back to write a blog post about the game. When I sat down to write a blog post for my newly created blog that would house the posts, I listened to the recording, wrote a in a stream of conciseness style about my experience. I then researched the game, and for later posts, video game literacy so that I could add in sources and facts to the post and relate the concept of video game literacy to my growing literacy.


A YouTube channel I enjoy watching titled ‘Girlfriend Reviews’ was the last bit of inspiration for the utility of my DA. On the channel, they review popular games from a ‘backseat gamers’ perspective but have a handful of videos where the backseat gamer takes the front seat and speaks about that experience as well. The Utility of this video is less to review the actual game, but more to review the experience of playing/watching and to entertain their audience. This was also the utility I aimed for in my DA. I also aimed to introduce my audience to the concept of video game literacy, and hopefully encourage further thought into the idea.

Response to Feedback and Overall Trajectory

While I was happy with the feedback I was getting, during the Pitch and beta I found that I needed to engage with the topics and ideas being discussed in class more, and feature more academic articles and topics when writing. This changed the trajectory in a positive way as I then made sure to include a greater focus on a topic that was brought up in my tutorials that I found relevant to the experiences I had while playing. In my beta reflection, and posts after I looked for sources that spoke about video game literacy in relation to playing games, as there was a lot that focused more on how video games can improve children’s literacy in the classroom.

Project’s Success and Limitations

Having there be little academic sources on the topic of video game literacy that were relevant to what I was writing about was a limitation that I found. I tried to overcome this by making sure that the ones I was using were relevant and had a lot of information that I could use. I feel like a success of this project was that, from the feedback I received from my peers, is that I achieved the utility I aimed for, in educating and entertaining my audience.  

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