The Fallout Series – War Sometimes Changes

Learning About Games

The second game we set out to play was Fallout 4 (2015). After being joined by a second friend, they both attempted to explain to be the storied history of the Fallout series. For the uninitiated, the Fallout series actually begun in 1997 published by Interplay Productions before it was handed over to Bethesda Softworks in 2004 (one game was published by 14 Degrees East in 2001 as well).

The series is set in a post-nuclear war alternate 1950’s where a company called ‘Vault-Tec’ has set up various underground vaults across the US where people hid when the bombs went off, thinking it was just to be safe. Spoilers, Vault-Tec actually had different plans for each vaults that didn’t include accommodation.

Fallout 4’s progainist is placed in Vault 111 where “Dwellers were placed in what they thought were sterilizing pods to prepare them to move further into the Vault, but…

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