BCM215 – Pitch Comments

Comment 1 – Project Folding Chair – Brooklyn

Brooklyn’s Project will follow her experience in re-creating an ace attorney imagine with her original characters that are based off the series. She states that her aim is to show that OC’s are valid in the cosplay community. I mentioned in my comment that during the video, Brooklyn’s humor and personality was clear and that this would make her DA as a whole better, as she was entertaining and engaging already in the short video.

I suggested that she should expand more on the project details, like where it will be posted and what will be included in the post, as she didn’t really cover that in the original post, however after i commented, i saw she had edited the post to include this after someone else suggested the same thing. I also suggested some academic papers on cosplaying that might help her later on. In the second round of comments i would probably double check for any edits before posting my comment, but i am glad the one i made was something not only i had noticed.

Comment 2 – The Video Game Genres of Kingdom Hearts’ Monster Designs – Elena

Elena will be lining up the monsters from the Kingdom Hearts video games and trying to make sense of their ‘all over the place’ designs by categorizing them as if they were all Pokemon. In her comment i mentioned that i thought it was a good idea, and so was the fact that she had placed an edit on the post saying she had narrowed the scope of the project from categorizing the monsters as what game genre they would fit into but rather what pokemon they would be. Not only will this make her work a bit easier for her to complete in the timeframe but it will also open up her audience to non-kingdom hearts fans who are interested in Pokemon instead. I found a book about game development and character design that i thought could be helpful so i then shared the link with her as well.

Elena replied to my comment saying she hadn’t considered that her audience would be expanded by changing her scope to include Pokemon. So i am glad that my comment was useful to her and i will use this in my second round of comments to make sure i am speaking about things i can see haven’t been considered in the post.

Comment 3 – Fall Guys – Jacky

Jacky will be doing a video with another student on the new game that has had a very quick rise in popularity, Fall Guys. They will be talking about the game itself and the impact the game has had. This is a good idea as the game has had a really quick rise to fame over the past month or so and them talking about why will be really interesting. In the post they listed online gamers who have quite a large following, who have all been playing the game at the moment, so i suggested they should check out people with smaller followings who are also playing the game, and listed two of my favourites. I also linked to a book about the impact that social media has had on gaming that they may find helpful.

Responding to my peers work in this way is not something i am used too but i enjoyed the experience, as i feel like it will help me in the long run to think more critically about not only the work i come across but also my own work in the future.

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