BCM212 Reserch Reflection

Undertaking this research project taught me that research takes time and needs to be well thought out to allow for optimum results and usefulness in the implementation of the research. In regards to my secondary academic sources, I found it difficult to find sources that were both, Australian done, and undertaken in the past 5 or so years. I found that it was easy to find one or the other, but not both. While this may have limited the results I found, the research done in the secondary academic sources was valuable to my project and had similar results to what the more recent non-academic results had found.

A big learning exercise during this was understanding all of the aspects of proper ethical research. While I had done research in the past, and there had been a focus on making sure to remain between the ethical guidelines, there had never been such a focus on things like consent forms and extensive information at the beginning of surveys and interviews, because of this, i decided to change my participants names in my summary of findings (allowing them the choice of name as well) and ended up referring to them by how long they had been at uni for in my opinion piece.

An issue I encountered when conducting my survey was a lack of participants. While I posted on twitter many times about my survey I found that only once we where given time in class to do surveys and the class was told to do specific surveys (like mine) that I was able to gain a usable number of respondents. This, while helpful, did take place towards the end of the time we had to complete the project, leaving me with a less than ideal amount of time to look at the results and start my opinion piece.

One thing I am very happy with in regards to this assessment is my time management skills, allowing me to complete this assessment a day early and not be working to the last minute. (yay growth) This could also be due to the fact I had another, equally large assessment due on the same day so I had no choice but to plan my week around doing them both in an efficient way.

Photo by Pepe Reyes on Unsplash

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