“Typical University Experience”

The upcoming assessments for BCM212 are going to revolve around what we are curious about in relation to the university student experience. While looking on twitter and listening to class discussions it got me thinking, what IS the typical Australian university student experience? Is there even one? Does there need to be one?

Looking at Universities Australia’s 2018 Data Snapshot it looks like in 2016 the majority of students (71%) are studying a bachelors degree and 65% are studying full time and 61% of students are less than 25 years old. But what about their lifestyles? What are the different ways that students undertake their degrees? Who does their degree by correspondence and who takes a mid-degree break and for what reasons? A big question for me, as its something that is a large part of my life, is, how does part (or full) time employment affects how students experience out of the classroom events at university and if they feel like they are missing out or not.

Being a part-time worker myself I wonder how many other students around me are in the same boat. While I have time for some out of the classroom activities, such as UNIBAR Trivia every Wednesday night, there are others, such as ones on during the day that I sadly can’t make or find out about a bit too late and don’t have time to change work commitments. Maybe it’s just poor planning and a lack of event knowledge on my part, or maybe it’s a wider experience. I guess that’s the point of research and this subject, seeing if there are answers to the questions curiosity asks.


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