Smart House; 1999 comedy, 2017 horror


These days everything online is recorded and stored somewhere online, and anything on the internet is hackable. This included the ever growing in popularity, ‘smart home’. This can cause a problem, as said in the lecture “the internet doesn’t like deletion, its default setting is to record – and keep”, which means that every smart device in your house will do the same. CNN talks about ‘Your hackable house’ and goes through everything in today’s smart house that can be hacked and how in the past, they have been hacked everything from the lamp to baby monitor. This fear has even spread into pop culture with the show IRobot having an episode on the hacking of a smart home and everything that can be controlled.  So while in 1999 the movie Smart House was a Disney Channel movie, in 2017 it could become a horror movie, where the house ‘comes alive’ and someone across the world is controlling your life.

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