Social Media and accessing the world



The power of social media is often underestimated by the generations who aren’t as familiar with it. A large part of this power is how connected it makes the parts of the world that has access to it and communicates what is going on in their respective countries. For example, when Boston bombing occurred social media was used to let people know what was happening and where they could help. As reported by govtech “Misinformation, spread by professional media outlets and social media itself, was quickly corrected by the Boston PD” or when there is are special events anywhere around the world, social media can be used to showcase what is going on and allow people on the other side of the world feel apart of the event, so like in my Gif, if you cant afford to travel, just use twitter and live vicariously through strangers on the internet!

One thought on “Social Media and accessing the world”

  1. First off great GIF! Quite true in the sense that if you want to know what’s happening in the world during a particular event, just search the hashtag. During the Boston bombings were people tweeting out the wrong information? If so, this shows another side to citizen journalism or the downfall to trusting social media sites for viable information. Especially in the intensity of the moment like the Boston bombing, information and events unfolding could be relayed differently to how they were occurring.
    Here’s a link to how Twitter is changing things:


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