The Transformation of Journalism – The Draw of Twiter


In class we were asked a question nobody in the room could really answer, “whats your most trusted news site?” and the room fell silent. I could tell you places I don’t trust but no organization that I would say is my “go to” for news. Which is probably why, in this age of social media, the go-to place is things like, twitter, Reddit, and youtube, where you can get first-hand accounts and with the use of citizen journalism, get first-hand accounts of what is happening in the world around you. Just like in my remediation, these days people will click on the twitter app for updates before the news ones and maybe that’s because of the quick, updateable nature of the platform.

One thought on “The Transformation of Journalism – The Draw of Twiter”

  1. Traditional media can only broadcast news and information but online social media is a two-way communication tool. The public can voice their opinions on the wall comments or tweet about it. Like you mentioned the video station KIIS. It is one-way communication to the audiences. That’s the reason why those “new sites” that we talked about in class that draw my attention in it. My only suggestion would be is to use a real example that follows or breaks the “bridges made of pebbles and illustration more, other than that excellent job!

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