Phone Wars: Episode VI – The Sequel

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Last year in BCM112 I wrote a blog about open source v closed source when it comes to phones and really, it’s all down to personal preference. None of what I said in the post has really changed until the iPhone 7 came along. I quite like listening to music and using my headphones for long periods of times and with the iPhone 7 having no headphone jack what I needed from my phone suddenly wasn’t going to be given to me. The most shocking part is that it has nothing to do with the main argument of apple v android. Which is about open source v closed source apps and platforms. This article looks at and breaks down the main differences between the two and after all this googling in case I need a new phone soon, I’m starting the agree with my meme… or ill just get a pixel.



Hoffman, C. (2017). Android Is “Open” and iOS Is “Closed” — But What Does That Mean to You?. [online] Available at: [Accessed 8 Sep. 2017]. 


One thought on “Phone Wars: Episode VI – The Sequel”

  1. I do appreciate your opinions on this topic, and have to say mine are very much similar in this way. I too did a previous blog on this topic and it is always interesting to see how and if views shift from the past until now. I believe to reach the full blog potential, a meme would brighten this up! Good writing style, I enjoyed reading it!


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