Always Watching Wazowski, Always Watching


It might be unknown to a lot of people but we, the users, are Google’s biggest and greatest product. As Forbes talks about, if you’re not paying for a product, then by default you are the product. Google makes a ridiculous amount of money from advertising and said advertising is highly targeted because Google tracks our history, and uses that information to tell advertisers what they think we will like and most likely buy.  If this is a successful venture remains to be seen although people like Safiya Nygaard are looking into this and seeing if the things being recommended to them are things they would actually like.

Like Ted said in the lecture “the more we know about you, the more valuable your data is” and if anyone’s like me, using chrome browser, with youtube open in another tab, and 2 Gmail accounts, Google knows a lot about me and keeps all of it.


Nygaard, S. (2017). I Bought The First 5 Things YouTube Recommended To Me. [online] YouTube. Available at: [Accessed 1 Sep. 2017].

Kepes, B. (2017). Google Users – You’re The Product, Not The Customer. [online] Google Users – You’re The Product, Not The Customer | Forbes. Available at: [Accessed 1 Sep. 2017].

One thought on “Always Watching Wazowski, Always Watching”

  1. Hi Brooke! Your post made me think twice about the information I publicly share online, especially when signing up to various social media sites and subscriptions. Overall, your post conveys a great read that is relatable, truthful and eye opening. I’d like to emphasise that we (individuals) ultimately become the product and how business and organisations use our data to market to our interests and likings through sharing our personal information online. I had always thought about that in the back of mind but this post made me realise the great significance and impact Walled Gardens have on online produsers. I noticed you blogged about Snapchat’s ‘Snapmap’ previously in another blog, I’d like to suggest another ‘Snapmap’ reading I found on the surveillance around it: Great blog post and am eager to read more!


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