The Long Tail Effect, Do we NEED both sides?


In 2004 Chris Anderson, wrote a piece in WIRED explaining the long tail effect in the which later was turned into a book. The way he defines this effect is by looking at the fact that the “future of entertainment is the millions of niche markets at the shallow end of this curve rather than the few mainstream markets at the deep end of this curve. While for some things this can be good, there are some times where like Ted spoke about in the lecture, “an abundance of information leads to scarcity of attention”

Today I want to look at Chris Anderson’s response to a question asked on his website, do you really need both ends of the curve?




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One thought on “The Long Tail Effect, Do we NEED both sides?”

  1. Your Soundcloud definitely helped me to understand this topic, as I much prefer listening to a subject being explained rather than reading it myself, as I learn better this way. Your opinion sparked my own insight into this, and I definitely believe it is something to think about. The way you presented this was great, though maybe if a GIF or meme was added it may have flowed somewhat even better.


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