The Unfortunate Rise of Jake Paul – Why are some YouTubers are more popular than others – A Pitch

For my Media, Audience and Place class at university, I am required to make a research project. When I set out to start this I did what any student would do, procrastinate.

I did it the same way quite a lot of other students also do, which is watching youtube videos. In my procrastinating, I came across a quite familiar in the youtube sphere, the ‘youtube bad boy’, something where placing their name in your title will guarantee more views, hence the title of this blog.

Right now it’s Jake Paul, once him it was Sam Pepper and before him, Alex Day. Something I heard at every point of being an avid watcher of youtube and watching videos about these people is “Why do people even like this?” Which is exactly what I aim to find out.

I plan on looking at what draws an audience to the youtube media space, and what keeps them coming back. During this project, I aim to look at all the different styles of youtube videos, such as gaming, vlogging, comedy sketches, educational and much more, the people who make and watch these types of videos and what draws a person into watching and subscribing. I think I will find that in the many styles there will be different things but some reasons will be the same and have a lot to do with finding individuals genuine and relatable.

Primary Research:

Some of this research will be auto-ethnographic as I will look at my own Youtube habits and examine what keeps me watching the channels I already do, and I will also look at popular channels and examine why, or why not, I enjoy the channel and its content. As well as this I will also conduct online surveys looking at the opinions of popular youtube personalities and what draws individuals into being their audience. I will also look at the opinions of ‘controversial YouTubers’ in this survey. The final aspect of primary research I will be conducting is personal interviews of people who commonly watch the platform and examine their youtube habits and why they might be so.

Secondary Research: 

For my secondary research, i will examine the community itself, looking at videos made about communities, other YouTubers and the aforementioned ‘bad boys of youtube’. I will also look at the many videos made my YouTubers such as Jack Howard and Jacob Trueman and examine the comments on these videos as well as the comments and interactions on popular YouTubers videos. During this secondary research, i will look at articles written about certain people on the platform and the opinions gathered from that. The type of articles I will be looking at will examine the ‘bad boys of youtube’ and their fan bases and also the wide variety of communities that exist and legacy media’s take and views on what makes each of them popular.


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