Youtube Is Not A Real Job…. Maybe

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My younger brother and I often will discuss YouTubers, their videos and ‘drama’ over dinner, much to my parent’s confusion. One person who we talk about often is JacksFilms and his series YIAY. A running joke on his channel is that youtube isn’t a real job, and therefore he doesn’t have one, or does he?

People can make money off youtube and even live off it. Sure, some people still technically still work for companies like fullscreen or gleam but they still have a greatly blurred line between everyday life and ‘work’. Just like many companies around the world who have no offices and all work exclusively online and at any hour of the day. This article talks about Buffer and their move to not have any offices which allow for their employees to work from home, joining over 1.7 million Canadians who do the same. For the people who’s jobs are all liquid labor, like JacksFilms and his ‘co-workers’ leaving the office, isn’t really possible.



Leck, S. (2017). ‘The flexibility is incredible’: When companies ditch the office, everyone’s a remote worker. [online] CBC News. Available at: [Accessed 18 Aug. 2017].

2 thoughts on “Youtube Is Not A Real Job…. Maybe”

  1. I really like your connection of YouTubers and liquid labour! I see lots of YouTubers admitting to feeling overwhelmed, pressured or stressed over their lives consistently revolving around the filming/edit/upload process; especially vloggers! Putting strain on their relationships and private lives – think Colleen Balinger, PrankVsPrank/BfvsGF ect.
    I definitely think it’s a real, and to an extent a tasking, profession/job! They have to be available virtually 24/7 and regularly supplying information/goods to their customers.
    Thanks for your insight!
    This short article shows a few reasons why big Youtubers have pulled back their lives on the Internet

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  2. Would you do it? Work online like this dude without the idea of stability that we grew up thinking was heaps important? I think I would like to say that I would, but in reality, there’s always been comfort in routine and security. Question is, how far are you willing to take comfort in stability and cash when most of the fun, interesting jobs are the online, self-started ones. I dunno!

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