Nanny and the Net (Like Bennie and the Jets but not at all)

This week I call my Nan and asked her what the internet was like at her place. I found out she does, in fact, have NBN and is quite happy with it. Her getting the service was quite uneventful. She went to the store and they gave her the box needed, and then when the store said it would be turned on, it was. There was no trouble at all.  While chatting to Nanny I found that her phone, Ipad, and TV were her only devices connected to the internet. Her 3 devices are connected to quite a large data plan, although she says it is way too much for her and she never uses all of the data given to her. Nanny is well, nanny and doesn’t use the internet in the same way I do, or even the same way my parents do. Her usage is mainly social media and communicating with family. I would also imagine, she uses it a lot less than she would if she were my age too. A study found that 49% of baby boomers used the internet several times a day while 77% of Gen Y used the internet several times a day.



Nanny said that she was happy with the speed of the internet, but having this faster internet it changing her practices with the online world and TV. She said she was getting sick of Foxtel and wanted to try out Netflix. She will be joining the 1 in 3 Australian’s who have Netflix and use the NBN to get access to it. So while the internet hasn’t changed much of her practices, more access and exposure to products and opportunities, such as Netflix have brought about some change and showed her new media spaces, and Nanny, I look forward to binge watching Stranger things or The Crown with her, your choice.



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