No Node is Above Another


In the musical Hamilton-An American Musical, the Schuyler sisters sing, ‘all men are created equal’, which is a VERY colonial American thing to say, but this is the exact line that popped into my head when I heard ‘all nodes are created equal’, which can mean ‘all users are created equal’

In a distributed network this is the case. As distributed network can be identified if it involves peer to peer connections where people share information and pass it through many different channels, like the old seeding system of LimeWire, rather than a centralized network having a mandatory central point where all the information goes through and from, like Facebook.  All users would be equal as none have more power than the other



One thought on “No Node is Above Another”

  1. Hey! I think your remediation is a clever link between another form of media and the topic. Personally, I find the idea that “all users would be equal as none have more power than the other” super fascinating. What is the impact of this? How does it influence the ways we communicate, the types of content we share and who we communicate with? It would have been interesting to see your thoughts on the effects of the move from a centralised network to a distributed network in your blog a little more.

    For example, how has the loss of centralised control impacted our communications? This article talks about the impact this might have on freedom of expression, explaining that the laws we are used to may be less relevant in a world that transcends geographical boundaries.

    What about surveillance and hacking? Can more people / agencies now see the content we send and receive online? This article speaks about the US election, the fact that “electronic voting depends on a distributed network” and how secure this may or may not be.

    Nice work! 🙂

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