Physical Spaces Affecting Media Spaces – A Story Of Getting Lost

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The Media Space can be any space that exists online where people can interact, learn and express beliefs and opinions. These can include, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or any website or platform that exists for people around the world. I spend quite a bit of time in many different media spaces and interact with my friends in that way. Which is quite normal for people my age, in fact many people know others on the other side of the world just because they inhabit the same online media space while their physical space may be completely different.

While these spaces are not physical, can be affected by the physical spaces. Take the Snap Map for example, it can show you, and whoever you want on your Snap Chat friends list, where you are at any moment, which can be fun but also can have some strange implications if you choose to share it to the wrong people. But it can also be used for some quite helpful things, for example being found, lost and tired by your friends who spent the day, not hiking like you but having a fancy lunch, which yes, has happened to me.

While on holidays at Nelson Bay, some of my friends and I decided to go for a scenic hike, which was longer and harder than expected, enter Snap Map a new part of Snap Chat we had been using to document our trip and subtly brag we weren’t at home.  After amusing at the fact that it thought we were not on the beach connecting an island to the mainland BUT in the middle of the water (which can be seen in the photos above), we used the Snap Map to explain to our friends where we were and allowed them to come and get us, and for us to find our way from an island to the other side of the beach and to the car park.  By using the media space, we were able to navigate the physical and get back to our cars and a rented house with food and comfortable seats.

This article looks at the many different ways that Snap Map has affected the physical space in cases different to mine.  There is a screenshot of a tweet, where a girl and her mother got lost during a bike ride and used snap map to find each other again. Another example in the article that shows snap map affecting the physical space is Brooke Bartelt and her use of the map to check and see if people she doesn’t want to see are at the gym before she goes. “I definitely love the fact that I can use it to avoid people I don’t want to see.”

Although Snap Map won’t always affect the physical space, there is an option for ghost mode, where you can turn off your location for specific people or for all of your snap chat friends.


Tait, A. (2017). Snapchat Snap Map: what happens when teenagers track each other’s exact locations?. [online] Available at: [Accessed 26 Jul. 2017]. 

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