Diasporic Media

Diasporic media, what is it? The lecture notes say that “‘diaspora’ is derived from the Greek dia meaning ‘through’, and speirein meaning ‘to scatter’ (2003: 616). It embodies the notion of a central home from which the dispersal occurs, and also invokes images of multiple journeys ” (2003: 616).

So diasporic media would be media that has come from a central place but embodies or partners with another. In the lecture it was talked about that this type of media can help people who have migrated into a new country by familiarizing them with the new environment through this media. By doing this people will be able to feel connected to both cultures and find other people going through the same process as them. This media then allows for more sharing of experiences and the possibility of greater understanding by outside cultures.


Eugene Lee Yang is a creator at Buzzfeed and is a producer and star of many of their viral videos, including the ‘try guys’ series. While working for Buzzfeed, he helped their videos become more diverse by encouraging the company to use Asian-American actors. (Khorana) This was a perfect way to represent a community that has largely been ignored in other outlets. (Khorana) In an interview with NBC (above) Yang talks about his experiences growing up and not seeing anyone with similar backgrounds as him represented in the media, and even though he had been interested in the arts from the age of 6, didn’t think he could ‘make it’ in hollywood due to this.  Now, at Buzzfeed, through using Diasporic media Yang has been able to create many videos featuring individuals of asian descent, such as Korean media series with the Try Guys and  Wedding Dresses Across Asia


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