Nollywood oh Nollywood

When i heard the term “Nollywood” for the first time i could never imagine what it would actually turn out to be. The main thing my tutor said about Nollywood is that “they don’t really care what the rest of the world think of them, they are just making movies for the people of Nigeria to enjoy and for them only”

This position towards the movie industry is one that, as someone who has mainly experienced western cinema, was an interesting one to see, especially compared to that of korean cinema. One is trying to be taken seriously by the rest of the world, and the other doesn’t seem to notice or care what anyone outside the intended audience thinks.


The trailer for ‘Spider Girl’ is a great example of this. In western cinema, a spider man property would be taken very seriously by fans and would have to follow at least some of its source material otherwise fans would be unhappy and possibly not watch the film or treat the creators with disgust. However, in Nollywood, the marvel comic would not matter to the creators of the film, only the reactions and happiness of the Nigerian people would.

This attitude is because of the high turnover of films in Nollywood. Movies only take a month to make compared to Hollywood’s production time of a least a year. Movies then go straight to video tape and are sold and shown on the side of the street for $2.  This is a great change compared to Hollywood’s attitude of ‘high production value’ and paying for the movie in the cinema, and on DVD or blu ray.


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