Me Across Social Medias -Constructing a Social Media Persona


To many people in my generation, or at least in my tutorial class when we discussed this topic, different social medias bring out and show different aspects of your persona and they all help tailor to show those different sides of people’s personas. Like a girl in my class said, snapchat is for ugly and funny photos, instagram is for being put together and good-looking, Facebook is for showing your responsible side and talking to extended family members, and to me, twitter is for being witty and to talk about issues. But which me is the closest to the real me? Or are they all an accumulation of the real and tangible me?

Thats what i like to think anyway, if you add up a persons social media personas you get them in real life.


4 thoughts on “Me Across Social Medias -Constructing a Social Media Persona”

  1. Heya! I really liked this post.
    It’s a great perspective on social media personas. It’s interesting how these different platforms are all for different sides of a person. This has definitely provoked a thought I had barely even contemplated.
    It’s as though each platform is used and I suppose it has evolved over time for a different side of a person’s personality, and I agree with you when you suggest that adding all these together creates a persona of the user.
    Facebook is definitely a more responsible social media since most people have had it a long time and have distant family and friends on there and need to maintain an image. Snapchat appears to be for closer friends and allows people the freedom of a limited time to view snaps so that allows funny and ugly snaps.
    I really liked this post! Very thought provoking!


  2. Great blog post!
    I like how you have discussed the ways and persona’s people choose to show to a particular audience, depending on the platform they are sharing content on. However, I would be interested to know your opinion on the impact of choosing precisely what to share on which platform may affect that persons audience?
    I think that particularly when it comes to celebrities sharing their expensive and glamorous (and potentially fake) lifestyles they could have a negative impact on their diverse audiences as a result of giving their audience an unattainable goal! Here is an interesting article ( discussing the publics opinion of celebrity personas impacts on younger girls.
    I really liked your concise and cohesive post!


  3. Hey, your blog is really concise but enough to provoke the thoughts around online persona. I think you really get the idea of ‘The medium is the message’ when discussing the topic, each medium comes with one distinct message, in this case it’s how the digital platforms reflect online personas. Perhaps attach more hyperlinks to clarify the argument? You may want to look at how the brands and companies exploit the construction of online personas on social media to maximize their profit.
    Your blog is awesome and easy to engage!


  4. Deep haha. This post captures what we all jump to when we think of what an Online Personae actually is. The very basic theory of one media platform establishing you as this and another reshaping you into that and, I agree, its really easy to get confused with this. Thinking you want to be seen as smart on Facebook but cute and funny on instagram …. which ones really you ? Id say just go with your gut and thats who you are! I read this article on the ‘Instagram Generation’ and our tendencies. Its pretty spot on haha you should give it a read if you have time! Loved the post!


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