Will you be my audience?


What is journalism? These days journalism and the news comes in many forms, not just on the television or radio. It can be found on the internet and in a million other places. With so many forms of journalism it begs the question, is every part of it actually journalism?  As it was talked about in the lecture, on the internet gatekeepers to information are weak and non-existent so every man and his dog can have a blog (or a crappy disney show) and talk about things they have seen and done. But what does that mean for the people who go out and risk their lives to get views when it isnt even their job? Are they also journalists? If not, what are they?

(points to anyone who got the dog with a blog reference)

3 thoughts on “Will you be my audience?”

  1. Citizen journalism is a tricky idea to wrap your head around, especially if you’re a journalism student. However, I personally feel that a journalist’s most basic role is to spread information and inform the public, which citizen journalists do, no doubt about it, but this idea is both exciting and terrifying to me.

    In journalism ethics are of the utmost importance, all professional journalists (just using the term for contrast) can be held accountable if they engage in unethical conduct. Citizen journalists cannot really be held accountable which is really the only concern I have.

    The Alan Jones/John Laws “cash for comment” controversy is a good example of this which you may be interested in. Their conduct was unethical and generally seen as a breach of journalistic integrity but they argued that they were “entertainers”, not journalists and as such were not held to the same standards as journalists.


  2. No longer having to deal with ‘gatekeepers’ or moderators to express an opinion has enabled the internet to go further than any other media platform before it. Although expressing an opinion (like I am right now, or you are with your blog) on such an open forum is almost liberating, it is interesting to see how people react when you ask “are internet trolls journalists?” Even I can’t answer it!
    As you said, is every man and his dog (with a blog heheh) a journalist? or is a degree the only difference between a person who writes about current affair issues in a newspaper and a person who writes on their own blog about their garden? Pretty confusing stuff!
    Overall, I enjoyed your post and the meme(Austin Powers!!!!) but i think you could have elaborated more about gatekeepers or used a source to enforce what you were saying. Good luck with the rest of your blogging!


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