Content creator is the new crafter

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Heres the link to my prezi

Craft is the art of making and creating something for the world to see. From the invention of the internet the definition of craft has changed, online content creators can now ‘practice their craft’ and build a career from it.

DA update!

Dareroyale is up and running! I’m really happy with our progress and looking forward to what we have planned for the future! Keep an eye on our twitter and see what will happen next!

Until next time!

2 thoughts on “Content creator is the new crafter”

  1. Hey Brooke, really enjoyed your post. I liked how you mentioned online creators and how they are now practising their own craft – which is totally different to traditional forms of craft-making. I would have liked to see some examples of people you think have ‘mastered’ their own craft and are online producing, because there are so many people out there doing different things that they have now made a profession, purely because they’re learnt how to craft something unique in the digital world 🙂


  2. Hey Brooke, good post, your prezi helped me understand the idea of craft and how its become more digitalised and how people are now making a living out of it. Your example was really good as well, maybe you could have added an extra link to further your example more? Like which content creators you were referring to. If you’re interested here’s a link talking about digital craft!:
    I checked out your digital artefact as well! I LOVE it!! Again, good blog post 🙂


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