Phone Wars: Episode V – Open Source


The great phone debate seems like it has been going on since the beginning of time, the second thing that comes up in google’s auto-fill feature is when “apple vs” is entered is Apple Vs Android (after Apple Vs FBI of course), but is there really a NEED for this debate? To me, the phone debate seems like it all centres on what type of device you are looking for. Do you require an open source system where you can design apps and their use for an open market? Or a closed source system where you just use what the company has pre-determined you can use.

Either way, both smart phones, Closed and open source can allow you to achieve the same things, connect with the internet, call and text people and take photos just in their own ways. It just all depends on what other things your require out of your device. Either way, both companies seem to be doing pretty well with what they have been putting out.

Digital Artefact update!

My digital artefact has been chosen and a group has been formed, im really happy with our progress so far and with what we have been able to do so far! Make sure you follow our twitter for update!


Until next week!

4 thoughts on “Phone Wars: Episode V – Open Source”

  1. You raise some good points here about open and closed devices, particular when you question what people need. In today’s consumer market, large companies that are saturating market share such as Apple are creating our needs for us with the introduction of new iPhone models, with features that we never knew we really needed. When it comes to custom designed apps there is a smaller market for that. Most people are looking for a phone that is easy to use and therefore will decide based on user friendliness. Apple and Android are always copying the features of the competitor in their own style, so both phone models often end up having very similar functions and styles. In the end, it does indeed all come down to user preference.


  2. Brilliant title! I completely agree that it’s not about which phone’s better, as someone who dabbles with both Microsoft and apple, it’s all about personal preference. Each have their pros and cons. The only thing I suggest would be more links to articles that expand on the points you made, which were great points by the way. Well done!


  3. I wholeheartedly agree with it all being down to personal preference, as an Apple user I am not blind to the faults in the product just as many as I find with Androids, and admit I simply prefer its layout. Well done with the post i would suggest linking articles and other sources that would support your arguments and would have possible touched on the driving factor of this debate ‘brand loyalty’.
    Great job! 🙂


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