This Week: The Medium is the Message and Digital Artefacts

This week started with the topic and trying to understand “The medium is the message”. To me the medium is the message means that the way the message is being presented is just as important as WHAT is being presented. We then looked at different mediums and whether or not they have been ‘killed off’ by another, modern medium, such as the cassette tape being taken over by the CD and then further taken over by the MP3 player.

Marshall McLuhan started his work on the medium is the message by writing his book The Medium Is the Massage: An Inventory of Effects in 1967 and his notion that the content of a medium in almost all cases, is another distinct medium in itself is something that really interested me and something that i will be looking further into.

Digital Artefacts:


For me, finding ideas for a digital Artefact hasn’t been the tough bit but narrowing down what i want to do has been the hardest part. I think i’ve come up with a few good ideas and hopefully within the next week am able to narrow it down.


Until next week!

2 thoughts on “This Week: The Medium is the Message and Digital Artefacts”

  1. Your structure is very good and the meme is relevant to the digital artifact. What I would recommend is doing a thorough proofread of your posts before publishing them as their are a few errors in the piece. Other than that just make sure the post is focused mainly on your interpretation of “The Medium is the Message”.


  2. I believe you are heading down the right path with your interpretation of the Medium is the Message as something which is equally as important as what the content being presented is, but it would be great to hear a further expansion on these thoughts, perhaps putting this idea into a practical form you can relate to would help. Thomas does this really well in his blog post ( by highlighting how outdated media has altered the way the message is received in relation to the 1960 US presidential election, and solidifies this understanding with a doge meme. Hope this helps!


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